Hello and welcome! You are about to experience the psychic ability of Linda Gail. Visiting this website will be a rewarding and enlightening experience.

Linda's psychic ability presented itself at the age of 5-years-old. Her ability to predict events and communicate with those who have passed into the next realm continues to astound family members and friends alike.

Linda derives great satisfaction in helping people with her natural ability. Her dedication to this endeavor remains constant and steadfast and her sessions are always delivered with the highest level of compassion, understanding, and professionalism to all who seek her help and advice.

Linda's vast array of clientele includes state officials, doctors, lawyers, business professionals, and the general public. When not traveling to meet clients and attend group forums, her schedule allows her to perform private readings and medium forums.

The constant demand for her services takes Linda to locations throughout the New England area. Linda also reads via telephone within the United States, as well as internationally. Linda will also be traveling to conduct medium forums throughout the United States and internationally.